The carpeting we have available is made from a variety of carpet fibers.

  • Triexta or SmartStrandTM - Very stain resistant , Very durable

  • Nylon - Very durable, Less Stain resitant as Triexta and polyesters

  • Polyester - Very stain resistant, Less durable than Triexta and nylon

  • Wool – Very resilient, more expensive than other fibers

Each type of carpeting will affect the overall feel and look of any given room. Certain carpets are better for hallways and high traffic areas, while others compliment the ambiance of master bedrooms. 

Did you know...


​.Did you know carpet filters allergens out of the air to.The oldest surviving carpet is the celebrated Pazyryk carpet, which is over 2,000 years old. It was found in the 1940s in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia

  • New school "Berber"

  • Dense construction makes it great for steps and high traffic areas

  • Low maintenance

  • Typically "looser" than textured carpet

  • Relaxed feel

  • Also known as LCL-Level Cut Loop

  • Dense construction makes it great for steps and high traffic areas

  • Great patterns from floral, geometric, linear, to abstract

  • Designed for High traffic

  • Many color and style options to fit any decor

  • Low maintenance

  • Most popular style

  • Difference versions are shorter or taller than others

  • Great for any room

  • Same benefits as commercial carpet

  • Added ease of replacement for damaged or wore carpet

  • Greater design flexibility

We proudly carry the following carpet brands:
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