We offers hardwood flooring from manufacturers such as Mannington, Mirage, Mohawk, among others. Our sales experts can help you determine what type of wood flooring will work best for your home by asking a series of questions. First, we’ll find out what size plank you prefer, the species of wood you would like, and the type of subfloor your new floor will go over (wood or concrete)

Wood is a great product that can increase the value of your home. Special care and considerations need to be provided to wood floors as they can scratch and dent. 

Did you know...


 Installing wood in your house may increase the homes value!

  • Most traditional style of wood flooring

  • Can be re-sanded 3 - 4 times

  • Can only go at or above grade on wood subfloors

  • Most stable wood floor means less gapping withe weather changes

  • Some can be re-sanded 1-2 times

  • Can go below, on, or above grade

  • Engineered in qualities vs site finished floor means

    • Typically more scratch resistant​

    • Less changes with light exposure

    • Consistent color

We proudly carry the following wood flooring brands:
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