Very light and dark hardwood floors are fashionable today, so you'll be part of the in-crowd if you choose a shade on either end of the color spectrum. However, time-honored medium colors are still desired by homeowners who prefer traditional home decor.

Bisek Interiors in Montgomery, MN, offers a wide range of wood flooring styles, so you're sure to find the perfect plank for your home, regardless of your decorating style.

Size of room

Typically, homeowners choose to expand a small space by installing a light-colored wood floor or creating a cozier space by choosing dark-colored wood for a large room.

Other room decors can influence this trend; for example, a small all-white room balances a dark-colored wood floor to create a pleasant ambiance. With open spaces, a deep color brings the floor 'front and center,' allowing the engineered or solid hardwood flooring character to shine through.


The amount of light in a room and whether that light is natural or artificial affects how you perceive the color of your wood floor. For example, if you favor a light-colored floor and walls in a room with many windows, you may find the room too bright; thus, a darker shade of wood is preferable.

Keep in mind that dark hardwood absorbs sunlight while light hardwood reflects it, which means that darker wood fades less over time.

Your area’s hardwood flooring store

Family-owned Bisek Interiors installs hardwood flooring in homes and businesses. Our hardwood flooring company, founded in 1963, serves an area in Minnesota that includes Lonsdale, New Prague, Jordan, Jordan, and Elko.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Montgomery to begin your wood floor upgrade, or you can shop for hardwood planks by scheduling a visit from our mobile showroom.