High tech LVP mimics hardwood

A luxury vinyl plank (LVP) looks like a plank of hardwood. This contrasts with standard vinyl that comes in rolls that are cut to size and installed in sheets. Planks are thicker than sheet vinyl, and therefore, look more realistic since deep embossing with advanced technology is possible. Bisek Interiors in Montgomery, Minnesota, provides a full line of LVP that mimics many species of hardwood like hickory, oak, and maple. Also, we offer a wide variety of other types of flooring such as carpet, laminate, hardwood, rubber, and epoxy.

Adequate vs better

A plank usually has four layers. The base layer keeps the plank flat and level while the core layer provides strength and stability. The transparent wear layer protects the design layer. Wide planks and traditional 2-and 3-inch planks are available. If a brand does not come with an attached underlayment, a separate layer must be added before installation. Underlayment provides cushioning and noise reduction. Some brands feature built-in vapor barriers within the underlayment. Several factors differentiate adequate LVP from better LVP:

  • Thickness -Adequate planks are about 4mm thick while better planks are 8mm or more.
  • Wear layer -12 mil is adequate but 20 mil or more is better.
  • Embossing -Better planks more realistically mimic hardwood than adequate planks.
  • Warranty -Ranges from 5 to 30 years or more.

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Water-resistant vs waterproof

All vinyl products are water-resistant. Planks that have a wood-plastic composite core, which contains recycled wood pulp, or a stone plastic composite core, which contains limestone powder, are waterproof. If the dishwasher malfunctions or your sink overflows, the floor will not be damaged even if water covers the floor for a long period. Waterproof LVP never buckles, warps, or swells. Look for brands like Shaw Floorte, Armstrong Pryzm, Mohawk SolidTech, and Mannington Adura.

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