Vinyl flooring options have come a long way over the years and now include LVT or luxury vinyl tile.

Traditional sheet vinyl is not your grandma's linoleum! Today's resilient sheet vinyl mimics real stone, tile, and wood looks. Many are "loose" laid to decrease the need for expensive floor prep before install. Sheet vinyl is very durable and economical.

LVT is an upgrade from sheet vinyl, but still less expensive when compared to its true tile and wood counterparts. The look of real stone, ceramic, or even wood can be replicated with LVT flooring. Glue down LVT can be installed with or without grout. Click together LVT minimizes needed floor prep and is great for DIY (Do It Yourself).

Sheet Vinyl and LVT flooring is also warmer under your feet than traditional wood or tile floors and can be more durable than other flooring options.

It performs beautifully, withstands heavy foot traffic, and resists stains, all while providing great comfort. This is the least expensive hard surface flooring available.

Vinyl & LVT care:

  • Keep floors swept.
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Wash the floor with a nonabrasive floor cleaner.
  • Never push, pull, or drag furniture across vinyl floors. Always lift and carry.
  • Heavy furniture or appliances that are not moved often should be equipped with flat, non-staining floor protectors.
  • Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar.
  • Felt floor protectors should be used on everything.
  • Visit your floors’ manufacture’s website for the most precise care and maintenance techniques.

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